Coil Coating Facts

Painting Coil started back in the late 1940’s. Since then the technology improvements in software and equipment, the advancement in engineering and the ever improving chemistry in our paint technology has many paint lines all over the world manufacturing high quality high grade painted coils for many industry sectors in many different climate zones.

In fact the latest estimate has over 300 paint lines in Europe/Middle East/Africa. 300 + in Asia with huge concentration in China and over 100 in the Americas. Internationally painted coils is a multi billion dollar business.

The immense volume in tonnes and sales of products in many various categories enables a significant investment in research and development to continue manufacturing quality, cost effective and environmentally safe products for the industries we serve.

Ace Gutters Coil Coaters is now a part of this international industry having just installed a Bronx coil to coil wet paint line. This state of the art 21st century technology has been designed by Bronx to produce a high quality product for our Australian market and climate.

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