Our Paintline Manufacturer

Bronx International

Bronx an Australian company has been producing Coil to Coil Wet Paint Lines all over the world for over 30 years. A Sydney based company (Mortdale) with a wealth of knowledge and experience from people who have been running paintlines here in Australia. This knowledge of the “Painting Process” combined with aussie engineering know how have developed a line for Ace Gutters that is State of the art 21st century technology, complies with all Australian standards both technically and environmentally and produces  DURAKOTE® a product that Ace gutters is proud to support with a 20 year warranty.

Rod Sawyers Managing Director of Bronx International states “Australian produced, aussie know how, with many years experience running paint lines, our people know their respective professions. The end result being the latest technology which produces for Ace a high quality, cost effective, alternative to the benchmark product.

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